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Puppets' Story


Established in 2013, miningpuppets™ was founded by Kenneth Lee, a passionate early-adopter of crypto-currency and the blockchain solution.

During its initial start-up phase troubleshooting for ASIC hash boards were non-existent in Southeast Asia nor on the web and most of the technical skills require to repair crypto-mining machines had to be self-taught — this led the idea of building a hub to serve the community which in turn gave birth to miningpuppets™, today the organisation serves crypto and blockchain communities not just in Southeast Asia but the whole of Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


The miningpuppets™ name was inspired by a puppets ability to take form, build its shape and adapt

to serve its user, and like any new technology — blockchain and crypto-currency are not exempted from

this. Our ability to take form and adapt to a growing market with huge potential is what strives us to

serve you better, and in every way we can.

Puppets' Mission

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Puppets' Vision

Establishing a one-stop hub for all blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast in order to support, protect, and grow the blockchain community.

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